Isabella Pizzano

Isamari Studio

Located in Hackettstown, NJ

My love for watercolors and in general for water-media brings me to a particular approach to a painting technique. An intuitive and immediate fast gesture takes me in a direction of surprising results. Disappointment and failure are part of my voyage, naturally, but colors are always the “high” that encourage me to go on. 

I am focusing on abstract compositions because I believe that nature is too beautiful by itself to be reproduced. My work transports the viewer into an imaginary world, whether a galaxy, the bottom of the sea, or a wooded area! My goal is to open the gate to a free subjective interpretation. Teaching is an important part of my routine, an exchange of information, an experimental voyage, an open discussion on the philosophy of this art form that rejects all academic training of the old school as well as their rules and regulations. I believe in new ways of expression, in a few words: “Let’s Promote Innovation!” You cannot rely on your eyes if the brain is out of focus! Working in Mixed Media gives me the best way to express myself as well as the power to communicate with the viewer. As a Signature member of the International Society of Experimental Artists I am always in search of innovative techniques as well as a unique way to use color and design.   

I am always in the constant search for rare and farfetched papers from different parts of the world: Japan, Nepal, South Africa, Europe, etc. Using brushes and different tools in combination with water media colors as well as pastels and charcoal I transform the papers to suit my composition and personalize my collages. I always avoid a specific subject matter and any precise plan. I consider myself an artist with an intuitive approach to art without a preconceived vision of the end result and I have grown bolder and freer.

All the artwork in my website is original but each piece can be scanned and reproduced in a form of C print on metallic paper, any size up to very large scale and can be custom ordered to be mounted on plexiglass. The final results are impressive and prices are given on request.

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